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12th Street Gym

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Be warned, the student special membership is not renewable. It's a trick to get you in to the gym, then renew at full price. Very unaccomodating with pricing. The membership prices change from month to month, also frustrating to the returning member. I ultimately decided to drop my membership because of these reasons.

posted by Anonymous User on 2007-06-03
The administration has been either slow or non-responsive to Member Requests. Too many trainers vying for clients. Crappy classes are all over the schedule, while we begged for more Taebo classes and the best they can do is 2 days a week.
posted by Anonymous User on 2007-02-24
What's happening?
12th Street is cool, but lately, it has gone down. First, they are canceling classes left and right!! They have a few Great Classes, like Boot Camp and especially Taebo, but they have refused our requests for additional Taebo classes. They have bootcamp all over the schedule, why not more taebo? The owner and Group Fitness person ignore you. Members are leaving and going to Fusion Fitness right up the street. I will follow the Taebo class wherever, since we are being ignored. I rather spend my money on people who actually respond to you.
posted by Anonymous User on 2006-12-26
I decided to leave
I wrote an extensive essay on why I decided to switch gyms after 6 months. You can read it here: http://www.thistoowillpass.com/bradydale/wordpress/?p=76.
posted by Brady Russell on 2006-12-14
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