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SWAT Personal Training

Personal Training Studio
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I recently signed up for their small group personal training thinking it would be really fun to work out with a group of people and still have the personal training element. I signed up and was told the class started Tuesday at 5:30am. I showed up Tuesday at 5:30am and there is only a trainer working one-on-one with someone. The class actually started the following week, however the man who signed me up distinctively told me it had started that Tuesday. Then that Friday there was a message on my phone saying that they were just confirming my group which starts at 5:15am on Tuesday - obviously still not what I was told. Later that afternoon I got a call from them again asking me if I could come in now at 6:00am, I said no as I have to be at work at a specific time. He made me feel like I was being a burden by not being able to change, and said he would call me back. The next phone call he asked me to change to 5:00am, which I reluctantly agreed to. He said he needed to finalize the schedules and he would call me back to let me know for sure when my class would be. He never called me back.

I called SWAT on Monday to let them know what had happened and ask for a refund. They did not even care to hear why I wanted to withdraw from the group and seemed to blame ME for the issue. They did agree to refund my money without any problems, however I am just disappointed that they could not coordinate their groups since I was really looking forward to the group. I found it ironic that in their paperwork they were so adamant in outlining the student's responsibility, yet SWAT could not hold up to their responsibilities by providing the agreed upon service.

posted by Anonymous User on 2007-10-08
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